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Happiness Challenge

It’s Friday. 

I have paid bills. 

applied for a job… 

Then I’ll go to the gym. 

and bike around the City… 

It’s good when you have no money, so can’t buy any useless shit. 

and can’t do anything else. 

can’t also get too fat. 

I challenge myself to learn enjoying the things that don’t need the money. That’s the thing makes poor people happy, so that will also be the thing that makes everybody happy. 

Facebook rage

Stupid facebook. When I joined there, there were just a few friends. Now there’s everybody and everything needs to be shared in fb. Why shouldn’t I just resign fb? The reason I still am there, is that my ex friends are there and I can communicate with them there.

But hey lets have a look: When have I communicated with them, or with anyone, in facebook? … I don’t even know… 

There’s my opinion:

I challenge you to resign on facebook… 

Or whatever… I challenge you to nothing!